Data Analysis with R: The Big Picture - A gentle and systematic introduction for complete beginners. This book is almost finished, and I’ve used it for courses. It may eventually be expanded into a more computational and up-to-date textbook called Data Science Workflow with R and the tidyverse.

Visualizing Linear Models - This short textbook introduces the theory of linear models, emphisizing two important and complementary ways of visualizing the concepts: the observations picture and the variables picture. Accompanying anki cards help reinforce the material.

Visualizing Random Vectors - This will be a follow-up to Visualizing Linear Models that encourages the student to extend the two-pictures idea to random vectors more generally by understanding \(L^2\) spaces using intuition from Euclidean space.

A Systematic Guide to Mathematical Statistics - This is a long-term project, but early drafts of some sections are posted below.